About Caryn O. Wagner - Office Manager

Caryn Wagner - Office Manager

Caryn Wagner is the office manager and wife of Dr. Stephen Wagner. She joined her husband in 2002 to take the job of running all office affairs as well as handling the medical authorizations. When a patient who has suffered trauma, a birth defect, or cancer is in need of a facial or intra-oral prosthesis, she is the one who will do her best to convince their insurance company to cover the expenses for treatment. She seems to do the impossible, making it possible for our patients to achieve restoration by both Dr. Wagner and Susan Habakuk, our remarkable clinical medical anaplastologist who sculpts the prostheses for our patients who have endured the loss of a nose, ear, or eye.

Caryn actively listens to the concerns of our patients and extends her concern and effort with the same intensity that she would apply to one of her own family members. As far as she is concerned, once you have come to our office for care, you are family. You can trust her to fight for your benefits, convince medical directors of your valid needs, and do these things with haste. She doesn’t enjoy watching anyone suffer or go without any of the dignities that we usually take for granted.